Earthmoving machinery tickets

Operating heavy machinery is a specialized skill in the construction industry. Those who are looking to start or add to their skillset in this field would benefit from taking earthmoving courses from an accredited nationally recognised training program.

The benefits of training are numerous but the most common reason for signing up for training is career advancement. It is practical for companies to send their high potential employees to get additional earthmoving tickets or simply to enhance their skills as an operator.

Diggerman Training provides the best earthmoving courses and assessment for earthmoving machinery tickets that help advance careers in the field of civil construction. They are located on the Sunshine Coast.

Their earthmoving courses are nationally recognized to develop skills specifically needed to understand the technicalities as well as the competency of operating heavy equipment. Experienced operators conduct the training in the classroom as well as on the field for hands-on training.

Diggerman Training also offers practical assessment to acquire earthmoving tickets that are required for employment in this line of work.

Earthmoving tickets courses offered are:

For those who want to learn to operate earth moving equipment, this is the right place to train and jumpstart a career in the civil construction industry.

The length of each course varies according to the individual needs of the participants. Those who have prior experience may take a two day course for additional units of competency. Those who are just looking to enter the civil construction industry will need more intensive training both in theories and practical application. They will also need to pass the assessment to earn one or two earthmoving tickets before they can find employment in this field.

An assessment is given to all participants who have completed their training to see if they merit a license or nationally credit units of competency for their card.

In order to operate heavy machinery, one needs precision and competency.

Diggerman has two departments: Diggerman Earthmoving that is involved in civil construction and Diggerman training that provides nationally accredited courses.

Being a market leader in the local civil construction industry, Diggerman Training complements providing the most comprehensive and practical training and assessment in the civil construction industry.

These training courses are developed with a deep understanding of the technicalities involved in the machinery as well as countless hours of experience in the application of these concepts.

Successful completion of a chosen training course is the best way to find employment in this industry. Every training course gives participants a chance to gain nationally accredited units of competency that push their career forward.

Earthmoving courses facilities

Diggerman Training provides one of the best facilities in the country for earthmoving training and assessment.

Training is held in a massive facility that provides an environment that is conducive to learning both for classroom based and hands-on application learning.

Spacious classrooms

The facilities feature spacious classrooms that comfortably fit a training group. For the hot summer months of Sunshine Coast, air-conditioning is available.

Simulates working situations in a construction site

A practical feature of the facility is a room that simulates different situations that operators can possibly face in a real construction site.

This allows participants to get a feel of the challenges faced in the transport industries. It is also part of their practical training to set their expectations when they complete their course. They will be equipped to handle the many challenges that come with the job.

Having a facility that simulates real situations makes training and assessment very practical. A nationally recognised two day course reaps a lifetime of benefits.

Massive facility with open spaces to maneuver heavy machines

This massive facility has sufficient space for the training group to drive around in a range of heavy machines.

Those who are taking tractor operations course or backhoe operator, for example, will be confident to test their skills and prepare for practical assessments to get their earthmoving machinery ticket.

Practical training is very helpful for aspiring heavy equipment operators. While Diggerman Training provides a wide range of heavy machines, participants who have their own heavy equipment have the upper hand because they will be able to train endlessly even outside training hours.

Located near restaurants and amenities

The local area surrounding the facility has a variety of restaurants and other amenities for the participants to enjoy. This allows some fun and relaxation among the training group. This also allows room to expand their network among like-minded participants.

Parking is available for participants.

Nationally accredited courses are conducted by experienced operators

Course instructors at Diggerman Training have been in the civil construction industry for 20 years. They are highly qualified to operate earth moving machines and all instructors have extensive knowledge to give training courses for participants.

Their courses aim to equip participants with the right knowledge and practical training to carry out an efficient and safe operation.

The fact that Diggerman Earthmoving is an established name in the civil construction industry helps keep training courses relevant and updated. Real life experiences of the operators continuously provide valuable inputs as they face new challenges in their career.

Training is designed and conducted by operators with prior experience and strong competency operating earth moving machines. They are also able to continuously update their course details with the latest trends and best practices that they learn from being major players in the industry.

Being in heavy machine operations for 20 years, they are able to give practical knowledge into the units of competency they offer.

Civil construction excavator operations

If you are aspiring to be a licensed excavator operator, you need to check RIIMPO320F – Conduct civil construction excavator operations that are offered by Diggerman Training.

The course is conducted by a highly experienced excavator operator who can develop your competency for safe operation of excavator machines in different transport industries. An excavator license qualifies you to work in industries such as mining, agriculture and landscaping.

Excavator training is made up of two parts. The first part of the course discusses theories. This part of the program is done in the classroom. The second part of the course is the practical application. This is done in the field with hands-on training under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Excavator training course covers a detailed outline that includes everything one can possibly need to operate an excavator.

Excavator training starts with a check-up. Your eyes will be trained to spot any risks, repairs and maintenance that may hinder safe use of the excavator.

Planning the excavation activity is another challenge tackled by the course. The challenges of the terrain, available space that affects moving materials will be analyzed and planned.

Actual machine operation involves loading, selecting, maneuvering and offloading materials. This is a critical part that requires hands-on practice in order to learn.

After an excavation job, another important skill for an operator to develop is to clean, park and prepare the excavator for maintenance.

The excavator training course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical application for participants. Those who complete the course will be well equipped to get an excavator license.

Civil construction skid steer loader operations

The excavator skid steer loader training is similar to excavator operations in some ways. The skid steer loader is lighter equipment than an excavator and requires a different set of competency to operate.

The course covers planning, operating, moving materials and unloading them. Machine attachments need to be fitted, removed and applied according to the job requirement.

This course may take two to four days to complete. This is fit for those who are looking to work in building , road maintenance works as well as mining . It is a valuable addition to earth moving skills.

The course is divided into two parts. The first is for theories in operating and maintenance of the skid steer. This is done in the classroom.

The second part of the course is for application of theories which is done in the field for hands-on training.

Civil construction wheeled front end loader operations

This training course is nationally accredited to develop competency to operate a wheeled front end loader which is useful in civil construction.

The training course covers competency in using a wheeled front end loader including pre-operation checking of the unit and plotting out the loading and unloading as well as the route within the field. Participants train to secure and remove attachments that are needed for the construction objective and finally to clean, park and carry out maintenance work on the wheeled front end loader.

This course may take two to four days to complete. Participants have the option to take the course during day time or after work hours. This is fit for those who are looking to work in building , road maintenance works as well as mining .

The course has two parts. The first part of the course is conducted in the classroom to discuss theories of operating and maintaining wheeled front end loader operations. The second part of the course covers hands-on training in the field.

Roller operations

The roller operations course develops competency and knowledge that one needs to acquire a roller operations ticket.

A roller is a heavy machine with a wide flat base or wheels that are used to compact soil, asphalt and other ground surfaces. This is one of the most commonly used earth moving machines in civil construction which is a good consideration for someone deciding which training course to take.

The roller operations training course is divided into two parts. The first part is classroom based where the training group learns about the theories and techniques on roller operations. The second part is application of theories which is done in the field for hands-on training.

Participants will learn about the following techniques depending on the type of surface and the objectives of the construction: static weight, vibration, kneading and impact compaction. These techniques will be discussed in detail.

Rollers come in a variety of sizes and weights. From this unit, the training group will also learn which option is best for specific construction objectives.

After successful completion of this course, participants will be given a practical assessment to qualify for a roller ticket.

Backhoe/loader operations

The backhoe or loader operations course gives one nationally recognized unit competency in your card card and enables you to properly and safely operate a backhoe.

This course is divided into two parts. The first part of training covers the theories in operating a backhoe. These are held in the classroom where the training group can work on planning the course of the backhoe.

Here, the participants will consider challenges ahead such as height and whether or not the operation will be done in a confined space. Training also includes a thorough check-up of a backhoe and identifying the specific attachments needed for the job ahead.

The second part of the course is application or hands-on training. Students will learn to drive and operate the provided backhoe or end loader and practice parking, clean up and preparation for maintenance activities.

Training and assessment is done in basic English.

Benefits of successful completion of formal training

Advancing your skills set in the form of training gives you an edge in finding employment and career advancement in the civil construction field.

Formal training increases nationally accredited units competency that certifies participants to operate a wider range of machines.

Having one or two tickets expands your competency and gives you the upper hand in negotiating for better compensation. Having more increases your value as a services provider or an employee.

The units you take will definitely be worth the cost of training.

For those who excel in training, Diggerman Earthmoving is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join their team. Being in the industry for over 20 years, this also gives them access to a wide network of civil construction companies who will be happy to get recommendations. Training can very well become a job interview for the individuals who stand out.

Book online for additional training courses

Visit the Diggerman Trainings website to view the complete range of training courses to upgrade your skills and value in the civil construction industry.

Some other training courses not mentioned in this article are water vehicle operations and first aid courses related to the construction industry. Every course offered is highly relevant in the civil construction industry and would help with skill development.

Increasing your nationally recognised unit of competency with every successful completion of a nationally accredited training course will greatly increase your value in the industry.

The more training courses completed, the more diverse your competency in civil construction.

Civil construction is a competitive industry so it is best to get as much edge as you can. Taking earthmoving courses does wonders to propel your career (and salary) by heaps and bounds.

Check out the complete list of training courses and available schedules online. There are two day course options and four day courses which can be taken during the day or after office hours.

For those who want to enter the civil construction industry or for those looking for a career boost, Diggerman Training courses are perfect for you. As a newbie in the industry, gaining as many units of competency as possible in your plant operator card would help jumpstart a career. There is no limit to the number of training courses one can avail. The more training you complete, the better.

Contact information is available on the website for any questions you may have.

Book online for a program that best fits your, secure a slot on your preferred schedule.

Afterpay is available so you can get right on training and then settle payments in easy installments after.

Online training are also available for theories and technical knowledge. This is a great option for businesses and individuals with prior experience. Online training will help brush up their knowledge and be up for the challenge of training and assessment. For those who are just learning to become an operator of heavy machines, it is better to book one of the available slots for on-site training. You may explore options of a mixed platform for training. Contact details are provided on the website.

Who are signing up for training courses

Individuals looking for a career boost greatly benefit from increasing their units of competency. This enables them to negotiate for higher salaries. Earning earthmoving tickets through training helps broaden their options for finding a job.

Individuals who have no prior experience or training are also encouraged to book online. Training can be arranged for beginners wanting to enter the civil construction industry. Nationally recognised training will be the best starting point as they will be properly trained to handle front end loaders or a skid steer loader in a confined space and other challenges that they have not thought about.

Training will be longer for those who are training to be a new operator. The excavator will take hours to master especially if used in a confined space. Simulating such challenges as part of the training greatly helps build confidence. New participants may need additional courses or hands-on training hours to get their earthmoving tickets and find employment. The hardworking and long training hours will pay off.

Companies looking to provide advancements to their employee’s skills may also send their personnel for training. Companies have given positive feedback on the effects of the training course to their employees. They come back not only with additional competency, they also come back from their training and assessment with new found confidence as an operator.

It is more practical for companies to send their employees for training than doing the actual training themselves. For one, it prevents expensive errors and damage to machinery.

It is also safer to send employees for hands-on training in a controlled facility than risk grave mistakes from happening on an actual civil construction site. You can be sure that every training group is monitored and guided by some of the best operators in the industry. They are in good hands.

Sending employees for training in the Diggerman Training facility saves on precious manpower costs. It takes numerous hours and deep mastery of topics to design a training course. It takes skill to effectively carry out the course. The value of a nationally recognised training and assessment is also unmatched. Having experienced operators with nationally recognised training adds to the value of your company as well. Clients will feel more confident to hire you.

The cost of saving money on employee training for such a critical and risky training can be catastrophic. Having one employee who is improperly trained is bad enough, having several of them as your company operator is an accident waiting to happen.

Assessment will be done ethically and professionally before giving out units of competency and earthmoving tickets to qualified participants. Aside from a few days of downtime plus the cost of the training course, there is nothing to lose and long-term benefits to gain from sending employees for training.

An internationally recognised training is the closest guarantee one can have that operators are getting the best possible training that prepares them for the challenges, risks and dangers commonly faced in excavator operations and such.

Book online or contact the number on the website to sign up for training. Be it an excavator skid steer, an end loader, tractor operations, heights course, water vehicle operations or training for earthmoving tickets , you cannot go wrong in choosing Diggerman Training.

Training course requirements

All training courses are conducted in basic English.

For assessment and hands-on training, Diggerman has a wide range of end loaders , front end loaders, excavator equipment and other machine units that are offered in the courses. All of them are well-maintained and safe for use. Participants are not required to bring their own heavy machine although having their own machine is a big plus as it allows more practice outside training hours.

During hands-on training, participants are required to wear personal protective equipment as below:

  • hi-visibility long sleeve shirt or ordinary long sleeve shirt with hi vis vest
  • long pants
  • steel cap safety boots
  • hard hat
  • safety glasses (optional)

Preparing for training course

Before signing up for a course, take time to carefully determine which of the available training courses will help you the most. The course selection offered will be of great value in a career in civil construction but you need to prioritize which is the most relevant for your situation.

Consider your capability as well as your career objectives. If you are undecided, you can contact the number given on the website to ask about each available course and what you could handle. Once you are decided, you may book online and look forward to a bountiful career.

Will you start your competency with one of the heaviest machines to handle such as the excavator? Or will you be more comfortable with the less heavy excavator skid steer? Do you know the difference between end loader and front end loader? Do you know the earthmoving tickets required to conduct civil construction excavator practices? These are just a few of the questions you need to know before deciding you course of action. Of course, you are free to contact the number on the website or book an introductory course.

The courses offered are found on the website. Take time to check each of their courses and get a feel of what it is you want to learn first. Learn more about the industry in order to make an informed decision.

Prior to starting your training, be in the mindset that it will not be easy. There are challenges associated with each course as in real life. Prepare your mind and body for a busy 2 to 4 days. Eat a heavy breakfast and put your game face on.

Courses are given in basic English. If this is a cause for concern, it would be best to practice in advance.

Assessment will be given at every course completion. Be ready to take down notes, study and practice. Written and practical assessment are both important in acquiring an earthmoving license.

Participants are required to have protective wear as stated in the training requirements. If you do not own a set of protective personal equipment or PPE , now is the time to invest in one. These are necessary equipment and part of your tools for trade when you become a nationally recognised operator.

Being well-prepared for training makes a huge difference in the outcome. This is a great opportunity to rise up in your career in civil construction. Make the most out of it by learning, applying and enjoying.