In any given industry, first aid certification is a big plus for employers. Even the most exhaustive safety programs every developed would recognize that accidents are inevitable.

Prevention and first aid go hand-in hand.

Diggerman Training in Sunshine Coast is a nationally recognised training provider of courses aimed at making construction sites as safe as possible. If you are an individual looking at expanding your skill set for career advancement or if you are an organization seeking programs for your employees’ personal development, this is the best place in Sunshine Coast to find nationally recognised training. They have a wide range of courses from same day certification to a more intensive 4-day program.

All of our courses are consistent with the needs of personal in the construction industry but first aid is for everyone over 14 years of age. Having first aid training from a registered training organisation is a big plus in absolutely any industry. First aid is a lifeskill that any individual and workplace would benefit from.
First aid courses available are:

When it comes to safety, only a nationally recognised training organisation in Sunshine Coast can provide the appropriate skillset to respond to an emergency situation via first aid courses.

Safety First - why construction sites are big on first aid

If you are currently in the construction industry or looking to start a career in construction, you should be familiar with the term “safety first.” Construction companies are big on safety for obvious reasons.

The risks surrounding a construction site is unlike most workplace settings. Lifting boulders, climbing heights, handling sharp and heavy tools make a recipe for disaster. With such risks comes the need for certified first aid training that goes hand in hand with other requirements for prevention such licenses and extensive training programs for handling heavy machinery.

The best Sunshine Coast training centre

Diggerman Earthmoving is a long time market leader in the earthmoving industry of Sunshine Coast. Through the years, they have made a name for their commitment to uphold unparalleled standards for safety in the workplace. From proper handling of machines to providing first aid, they are nationally accredited to make construction sites safer for everyone.

Being a major industry player gives them a deep understanding of accident risks as well as extensive experience in administering the necessary life-saving first aid response.

There is no company in Sunshine Coast that is more qualified that Diggerman Training to administer first aid training. They make construction sites – and all other workplaces in Sunshine Coast- safer.

These first aid courses prepare construction sites in Sunshine Coast to properly respond in emergency situations. First aid is a necessary component in construction for minor or serious situations.

First aid training – is once enough?

Although one training on first aid is revolutionary, it is advisable to take more than one or two first aid training.

Responsible construction companies send their employees to regularly attend seminars so they are able to apply emergency first aid amongst their peers. Once or twice is helpful but it is not enough. One just never knows when an emergency will happen so first aid skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation must always be practiced.

Furthermore, as with everything in the world, first aid techniques change and develop while accidents will not give a heads up. It happens when it happens.

This is applicable in other workplaces and institutions. Imagine you are suddenly called to administer first aid in an education institution only to realise that your last face to face training in first aid was 4 years ago and you are not confident to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation or any other first aid the situation calls for.

When lives are at stake, it is wise to trust only a registered training organisation to handle workplace training. And it is recommended to practice and take refresher courses regularly. Doing so could save lives.

First aid training for remote or isolated site

When the job calls for deployment in a remote or isolated site in Sunshine Coast, first aid training becomes even more important.

Isolated sites can be in. islands or wooden areas with limited access. These type of locations are risky and also hard to reach for emergency situations.

Emergency first aid response calls for proper action while waiting for medical teams to arrive. In some cases, the job is to keep the person alive – breathing, heart pumping, conscious – until general practitioners can see them.

In a remote site, advanced first aid is necessary as professional health workers are expected to take hours to arrive or not come at all. In remote first aid, one must be prepared to transport the injured to a medical facility hours away through perilous roads.

In an isolated site, your lives depend on each other. This thought is enough to take first aid skills seriously and make it a priority.

Providing first aid

Diggerman Training Sunshine Coast offers a variety of face to face training courses in handling heavy machines safely as well as knowing how to give first aid response.

Providing First Aid is one of the courses offered. This basic emergency life support course is nationally accredited and follows the guideline of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

This is a basic first aid course that is recommended for anyone over 14 years old with or without prior training.

It takes only half a day to complete this course on site. Face to face training is recommended for the aid trainer to property demonstrate and guide you on hands-on application.

For half a day, you will learn in detail about the practical skills needed in providing emergency life support.

The course is divided into two parts. The first session covers the theories in providing basic emergency life support. The second part is a hands on training to make sure you are able to provide the covered first aid services when the situation calls for it.

In this first aid course, you are expected to respond to handle an emergency situation in a logical manner. First by using the appropriate procedure such as first aid CPR or other first aid services. Then calling and communicating relevant information to medical health workers and then finally documenting the incident.

All participants in the training center will be eligible for a nationally recognised unit of competency – provide basic emergency life support upon completion of training and assessment.

Provide basic emergency life support

This nationally accredited first aid course in Sunshine Coast aims to provide participants with the right mindset and skills to respond to potentially life threatening situations.

This first aid training is open to everyone above 14 years of age, even those with no formal first aid training. It is highly recommended for individuals who work in child care setting and construction but it is also applicable to virtually all workplaces.

The duration of training is only half a day. Successful completion of training and assessments earns participants a nationally recognised unit of competency – provide basic emergency life support . This unit of competency is very attractive for employers to value safety in their workplace.

Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

This first aid course is nationally accredited to teach the skills necessary to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It follows the guidelines of the Australian Rescucitation Council (ARC).

CPR is one of the most important life skill to have. It can help saves lives in so many different emergency situations such as drowning and choking.

This is highly recommended for individuals who may need to be called for emergency response in any setting such as in education sectors or health care setting. A cpr course provided by credible training centres can save lives. One cannot afford to risk getting a certification from an unknown Sunshine Coast training centre. When the time comes that the skill will be put to use, it is too late to regret trusting the wrong company for such a critical training.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training must be done in a nationally recognised training provider such as Diggerman Training. This is a sure way to make sure that you are learning the correct techniques in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Anyone over 14 years old can learn cpr. This first aid training is open to everyone. This is one of the on site courses offered in Diggerman Training in Sunshine Coast for face to face training in first aid.

In this nationally recognised training course, participants will learn to apply logical emergency response in the right order. First with an urgent yet calm response. Next is performing CPR correctly. Then one has to communicate effectively all important information related to the incident and finally documenting and making a report on the incident.

For those who are in high risk environments that call for CPR, there are advanced resuscitation courses available.

First aid life skills everyone should know

first aid for cuts and burns

Providing first aid varies from minor to serious injuries. There are numerous first aid training courses which can be daunting for someone with no prior training.

The basic would be handling cuts and burn related injuries to prevent infections as this is the simplest and most useful first aid knowledge. This is applied in any workplace and home setting. In fact, homes and workplaces must have first aid paraphernalia for these situations.

first aid for trauma and falls

The next would be handling trauma or falls. Being able to respond to falls and injuries related to strong impact is an essential life saving skill. It is applied at home, on the road just as much as in the workplace. Lifting a person fresh out of trauma is potentially fatal.

First aid techniques includes proper application of splints and handling of different situations where trauma is involved. This is a life skill that anyone above 14 years old should have. If you’ve never taken this first aid course, you can find a registered training organisation that offers this.

Responding to this type of injury is required to be taken face to face. Participants need to learn hands-on properly applying splints.

first aid training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Another first aid skill that a first aid trainer must teach is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. It is a life skill proven to be handy in all sorts of setting.

First aid CPR has saves millions of lives every year. This is critical in situations of drowning, pulmonary problems, choking, trauma and many more. A CPR first aid course would tackle different techniques in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation .

The technicalities of performing first aid CPR for adults is different from that of a child and again on infants. The skills from the CPR course you choose must follow the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council. This is very important as the wrong method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation could potentially injure an already suffering person.

non-common emergency first aid situations

There are emergency situations that are common in one area but not for others.

In picking a first aid course, one must consider his or her environment and situation. For example. a student may be presented with different risks from a construction worker. While a zoo keeper would require a different set of first aid course.

For special first aid course needs, Diggerman Training will be happy to hear from you . Call their number on their website or fill in the contact form on their website.

How often should you take first aid training courses

There is a wide array of first aid skills that provide basic emergency life support. One first aid course is definitely not enough. The more first aid training you have, the better chances of being prepared for emergency situations.

Check for available first aid courses from nationally recognised workplace training centers. in Sunshine Coast. From there you can see what other first aid skills are available for you.

Having first aid certification does not guarantee that you can provide basic emergency life support. Chances are, the hands-on training you learned from training centers would be forgotten by the time you will need them.

It is recommended to attend face to face training once a year to refresh your skills in first aid.

You just never know when you will need it and for half a day of first aid training every year is not bad at all. A few hours of your time and attention could save lives.

Preparing for your first aid course

Diggerman Training provides on site training for first aid and other safety concerns. Techniques such as first aid CPR and other practical first aid skills included in the first aid course are practiced in face to face training. On site training is necessary for assessment.

For students who will avail of one of our first aid courses for the first time, you will need to obtain a unique student identifier. If this is not your first time taking similar a similar course since 2015, check if you already have a unique student identifier. This allows you to keep track of trainings and competency for building your career.

The half day first aid course will be an event full of theories and practical application. Prepare for a busy day. Get a full 7 hour sleep and eat a heavy breakfast.

There is no dress code set for first aid training. Come in comfortable clothes that allows movement. It is advisable to wear long sleeve t-shirt with comfortable pants and rubber shoes.

Bring a notebook and a pen and be ready to take down notes. You may want to read up on these later on to brush up on the first aid theories you will be training for.

Training centre facilities

iggerman Training has a massive training center with beautiful open spaces. The training centres promotes a quiet environment that is conducive to learning.

Facilities include clean and spacious classrooms and wide spaces that allow movement for hands-on application.

There are restaurants, cafes and amenities surrounding the facility and a parking lot is available for all participants.

Training venues

The venue is located in Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. The venue holds nationally recognised workplace training for various safety and first aid courses.

You may check online for available courses on first aid certification and other safety courses related to civil construction.

Benefits of first aid training in the workplace

All our courses promote workplace health and safety. Anyone who may be called for emergency response will greatly benefit from first aid certification. Construction companies, offices and even homes will benefit from first aid training.

In education and care setting, first aid training is a must. Education workers must be equipped with first aid training to respond with emergency first aid whenever necessary.

General practitioners and emergency response teams are recommended to take extensive first aid training regularly. First aid is a big part of their call to save lives.

Any employer on Sunshine Coast will value an employee with cpr training and other first aid skills from a registered training organization. It is a good step towards continuing professional development.

While the people surrounding you will greatly benefit from your first aid training, it also has big advantages for the first aid training participants.

First aid is a life skill that many employers will value. By singing up for a first aid course, you are improving yourself whole increasing your value to your current company.

Who should sign up for first aid training

The first aid training venues features a range of first aid courses designed for beginners as well as those who have taken first aid courses from a registered training organisation.

There are no prerequisites in taking first aid courses and it only takes half day to complete. Anyone above 14 years old may take the first aid course.

Employees, employers, students, health care providers and even family members will benefit from a first aid course. First aid is a life skill that could save a loved one in unexpected situations and in unexpected places.

Book online

Book online for any of the available first aid courses. If you are seeking for first aid course that is not in the list of current course offerings, the sales representatives of Diggerman Training will be very happy to assist you . The contact details are on the website.

Book online for a nationally recognised first aid training provider. The rates are very reasonable and the benefits are worth the time and money. A few hours a year goes a long way.

Taking first aid training benefits you as well as every one around you.