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Diggerman Training is a leading registered training organisation serving the entire Queensland region, with our headquarters based on the Sunshine Coast. We offer a comprehensive range of training courses tailored to individuals already employed in the construction industry seeking license upgrades, skill expansion, or those aiming to enter the construction sector.

We specialise in the tickets and certifications needed to safely operate machinery with high levels of skill. We also provide other associated training courses and certifications required by the construction industry, including civil construction certifications, safety, WH&S, dogging, confined spaces and working at heights.

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Our courses are eligible for CSQ funding

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What makes Diggerman Training stand out from other RTO’s on the Sunshine Coast is the fact that they are a well-established operational earthmoving company, Diggerman Earthmoving, which offers practical hands-on experience operating machinery in real life job situations for students during their training.

For those students who excel at their operator training courses, Diggerman Earthmoving is always on the look out for above average students seeking employment, and also has a long association in the industry with other companies looking for talented, committed and hard-working machine operators. So not only do you get the training you are seeking to elevate your career options, you also gain access to our enormous network of clients through the Diggerman Earthmoving enterprise.

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Diggerman’s trainers are complemented by their connection with Diggerman Earthmoving. Diggerman provide their own machinery for practical testing on their training site, while also being flexible and allowing you, the student, to use your own machine on any local job location. Diggerman trainers each have over 20 years experience in the industry, providing you with the best guidance throughout the duration of the course.

Diggerman training prides themselves in meeting their client’s needs and Registered Training Organisation standards, with experienced, friendly trainers and great attitudes towards your future success in the industry. They recognise that not all their students come to them having the same level of experience, with that in mind their trainers cater to each individuals needs. They have a number of courses ranging from no experience, to the operator who has been working in the industry for many years.



Diggerman Training 5 Star Operator Levels
Diggerman Training

*New* Diggerman Training ‘5 Star Operator Levels’ explained!

Diggerman Training 5 ⭐ Star Operator Levels ?

Over the 20 years Diggerman has been operating on the many building and civil sites, we recognised there is a massive gap between someone who has just got their ticket/licence and those who are an excellent Operator, or we call a Final Trim Operator.

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Diggerman Training

ELEVATE your career *NEW COURSE* Licence to operate a slewing crane (over 100 Tonnes)

Get ready to ELEVATE your career to new heights, with our NEWEST Crane course, Starting 4th December 2023: 

TLILIC0020 Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (over 100 Tonnes)

The demand for skilled Crane Operators has never been higher and our Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (over 100 Tonnes) course is your pathway to turning that vision into reality.

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