Qualified Riggers & Dogman are in HIGH DEMAND right now!

Qualified Riggers & Dogman are in HIGH DEMAND right now across Australia and they are highly sought after in current times.

Attaining your Rigging and Dogging Tickets will improve your employability and value at work!

AND you will become highly employable in one of these industries:

  • Mining Construction
  • Mining Maintenance
  • Bridge Construction
  • Tunneling for Road and Rail
  • Major Projects
  • Oil & Gas Construction
  • Oil & Gas Maintenance (shutdown)
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First STEP

You will need your Dogging Licence.

A Dogman’s role is swinging and lifting the loads and then directing the crane operator on where to place the load.

The time to take your civil construction career to new heights is now!

You could achieve what you deserve – a salary increase, job promotion or that dream job.

Become a qualified Dogging operator by completing our 5 Day Dogging Training Course: CPCCLDG3001A – Licence to perform dogging

Basic Rigging is the next step above Dogging.

You will need your Dogging Licence to become a Rigger.

Rigging is lifting various loads, structures or components in a way that they can be placed or fixed into a permanent positioning.

You can become a qualified Rigging operator by completing our 5 Day Rigging Training Course: CPCCLRG3001 – Licence to perform rigging basic level

And then upskill:

CPCCLRG3002 – Licence to perform rigging intermediate level

As a large QLD earthmoving company Diggerman knows the earthmoving business from the top down. As such our training branch and our instructors are uniquely placed to help you gain the knowledge you need to obtain your Dogman / Rigging ticket and safely and efficiently work in the transport, mining, construction and agriculture industries.

Get your Dogging & Rigging Tickets with Diggerman Training and get valuable building and construction industry experience from the ground up.

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