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Chainsaw Training Sunshine Coast


It is an introductory or base-level unit that covers the felling procedures for relatively small trees with a lowlevel of complexity. Techniques for trees with a diameter greater than the bar length, while not excluded, would generally be regarded as techniques beyond the scope of this unit.

This unit involves tree felling in a variety of work settings, which may include a forest, agricultural, domestic, local council, and emergency services and other government agency environment. With the exception of minor forest produce, it is not considered a suitable level for commercial harvesting operations. These skills and knowledge are to be used within the scope of the person’s job and authority.

This unit describes the outcomes required to assess, plan and safely carry out manual tree-felling
operations using a chainsaw in a non-production environment. This unit covers the felling procedures for trees with a level of complexity that requires significant tree assessment and practical felling skills. Persons competent in this unit should be able to effectively fell most trees with the exception of the very large and those that have significant defects and/or characteristics causing excessive complexity.

This unit describes the outcomes required to carry out maintenance of hand-held chainsaws. It relates to the maintenance and servicing requirements of chainsaw powerheads and cutting attachments; chain sharpening, cleanup, storage procedures and recording requirements.

The unit involves maintaining chainsaws in a variety of work settings including a forest environment, agricultural, workshop, horticultural and domestic settings. The skills and knowledge required for competent workplace performance are to be used within the scope of the person’s job and authority.

This unit describes the outcomes required to prepare and cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw. This unit includes basic operator maintenance checks. More comprehensive servicing and maintenance procedures are covered in FPICOT2237 Maintain chainsaws.

The unit involves cutting materials with a hand-held chainsaw in a variety of work settings including construction, saw mill, forest products factory, timber retail yard or horticultural environment. The skills and knowledge required for competent performance are to be used within the scope of the person’s job and authority.

This unit describes the outcomes required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw. It is intended for use in situations where the production of timber is not the primary focus of the activity. The unit also includes equipment maintenance.

This unit involves trimming and cutting felled trees with a chainsaw in a variety of work settings including a forest, agriculture, domestic, local council and emergency services environment, as relevant to the unit. The skills and knowledge required for competent workplace performance are to be used within the scope of the person’s job and authority.

Diggerman’s Chainsaw Training Sunshine Coast is one of the mainstay courses at our facility near Coolum Beach. It is required for anyone using a chainsaw in a work environment and highly recommended for anyone aspiring to use a chainsaw in their home environment or on a hobby farm.

If you’re using a chainsaw at work, you need to be able to demonstrate to WorkCover that you’ve been properly trained and formally assessed. This doesn’t just apply to professional chainsaw operators, it also relates to builders, plumbers, landscapers, gardeners, and anyone else who uses a chainsaw for a work-related activity.

It’s important to undertake a nationally accredited course in chainsaw operation and receive a Statement of Attainment showing the competencies you have been accredited in.

In addition to this training, chainsaw operators are also required to show that their skills are being kept up-to-date and that they are regularly demonstrating their ability to work safely and efficiently to a recognised assessor.

The best way to do this is to get an accredited ‘Chainsaw ticket’.

Our point of difference here at Diggerman Training is that we are also a large earthmoving company, which operates all over Queensland. This basically means that we know the industry well and are in touch with its needs within operators. Our extremely experienced trainers who have worked in the industry for many years will use this knowledge to train you to the highest standard.

Training duration varies depending on the package chosen. Diggerman training offers three (3) different packages detailed below:

1. Basic course which includes FWPCOT2236 – Fall trees manually (basic). This course is a prerequisite for
the intermediate chainsaw course, and is a two (2) day course.
2. Intermediate course, which includes FWPCOT2237 – Maintain chainsaws, FWPCOT2238 – Cut materials
with a hand-held chainsaw, FWPCOT2239 – Trim and cut felled trees and FWPFGM3212 – Fall trees
manually (intermediate). This course requires that you have completed the basic chainsaw course.
The course is approximately two (2) days in duration.
3. Alternatively, you could complete both the basic and intermediate packages together, which includes
all of the courses listed above. This course is approximately two (2) days in duration.

Students will learn to operate and maintain a chainsaw in a safe and efficient manner.

Your training will be divided up into two parts firstly theory and once that is completed a practical section. After being taught both how to operate the chainsaw correctly and all the required theoretical knowledge you will be tested on both areas.

Upon successful completion of the unit a Statement of Attainment will be issued. Participants will receive a wallet card consisting of one (1) nationally recognised unit of competency.

This would depend on which of the above chainsaw related courses you chose you undertake. Upon completion of the chosen course you will be accredited with either of the following.

  • FWPCOT2236 – Fall trees manually (basic)
  • FWPFGM3212 – Fall trees manually (intermediate)
  • FWPCOT2237 – Maintain chainsaws
  • FWPCOT2238 – Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw
  • FWPCOT2239 – Trim and cut felled trees

Long Sleeve Hi-Visibility Shirt (or Long Sleeve Shirt with a Hi-Visibility Vest), Long Pants, Steel Cap Safety Boots, Hard Hat (Optional), Safety Glasses (Optional).

Training is conducted at our main office (13 Junction Drive Coolum, Queensland 4573).

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