13 Junction Drive, Coolum Beach, QLD 4573

Night Machine Operator Training at Diggerman!

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Night time Machine Operator Training Sunshine Coast

We’ve been successfully running our night training for about two months now and it remains incredibly popular. It’s the perfect choice for anyone that either can’t get away from work commitments during the day, or for anyone that doesn’t want to lose time they could be earning money.

Not only do we have fantastic indoor and outdoor class rooms, our practical training area is a large simulated work site and at night, it’s light up like a football field.

We offer a wide range of courses at night, including:

RIIMPO323E – Conduct civil construction dozer operations;

RIIMPO319E – Conduct backhoe/loader operations;

RIIMPO318F – Conduct civil construction skid steer operations;

RIIMPO317F – Conduct roller operations; RIIMPO320F – Conduct civil construction excavator operations;

RIIMPO321F – Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations;

CPCCLRG3001 – Licence to perform rigging basic;

CPCCLRG3002 – Licence to perform rigging intermediate;

RIIWHS202D – Enter and work in confined spaces; and

CPCCLDG3001A – Licence to perform dogging

If you’re already working in the Civil Industry, this is the perfect opportunity to get that extra ticket you’ve been after, but never had the time. It’s also a great time to make a career change to the Civil Industry, the industry is taking off and there’s a shortage of operators, why not skill up after work? If you want to cut down on the ‘in person’ time to complete you’re training, we also offer the theoretical section of our machine courses online. So, you have the option of completing your theory at home, then coming in to complete your practical training. That’s an additional level of flexibility that we offer to cater to anyone with limited free time.

If you would like some more information on our night training, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll try our best to offer flexible training options that best suit your schedule.