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RIIWHS205D - Control traffic with stop-slow bat

Traffic  Control Courses Sunshine Coast


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Long Sleeve Hi-Visibility Shirt (or Long Sleeve Shirt with a Hi-Visibility Vest), Long Pants, Steel Cap Safety Boots, Hard Hat (Optional), Safety Glasses (Optional).

Location and facilities:

Training is conducted at either our main office (13 Junction Drive Coolum, Queensland 4573) or at our off-site large practical training area near Bli Bli.

Qualification outcomes:

Upon successful completion of both course components, the candidate will be issued with a Statement of Attainment. This Statement of Attainment must be provided to Transport and Main Roads to apply for your Traffic Controller Accreditation Card.

There are a number of entry requirements for this course, they are listed below:
1. An appropriate level of learning, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient to competently undertake the role;
2. Have held an open or provisional driver licence (Australian or foreign) within the last 5 years;
3. Vision to enable to distinguish a vehicle at a distance of approximately 150 metres and to read a number plate at 20 metres;
4. Ability to distinguish between a red and yellow coloured disk at 250m metres;
5. Have a reasonable judgement of an oncoming vehicle’s speed;
6. Hearing sufficient to hear instructions, warning devices, sirens etc. above normal traffic noises with vocal skills to communicate with others directly or by other means such as two-way radio;
7. Able to move quickly from the path of moving vehicles, give approved traffic control signals while standing holding a stop slow bat for up to 2 hours;
8. Ability to concentrate and maintain focus for the period between rest breaks; and
9. The temperament and ability to exercise their authority in a professional, responsible and safety
conscious manner.

In addition, a traffic controller must be of suitable temperament and disposition to act appropriately and
assertively in all circumstances. In some circumstances Transport and Main Roads may conduct a criminal
and traffic history check prior to or during your period of accreditation.

Course Entry Requirements:

Part one: Proof of Currency of Industry Practice form will be issued to you prior to course commencement.
Complete this form and provide evidence of currency as detailed on the form.

Part two: In-house refresher course. Normally delivered in 4 hours (Timeframe may be extended if additional training needs are identified).
This course is delivered in a classroom environment using TMR approved training resources. You will be required to complete a challenge test and you may need to participate in simulated practical exercises.

Renewal Course:

Part one: In-house training course.
This course is delivered in a classroom environment using TMR approved training resources, and includes a simulated practical exercise conducted in a controlled environment.
It is expected that the in-house course would be delivered to new industry entrants in 8 hours.

Part two: Industry placement at roadwork site (for new industry entrants only): Must have a valid White Card
New industry entrants must complete a minimum of 20 hours of practical experience at a roadwork site under the direct supervision of an experienced accredited traffic controller.

Full Course:

The course comprises the national competency unit RIIWHS205D Control traffic with a stop-slow bat, and content from the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme Approved Procedure (TCASAP).

Why Diggerman Training?

Course Overview:

Our point of difference here at Diggerman Training is that we are also a large earthmoving company, which operates all over Queensland. That basically means that we know the industry well, and are in touch with its needs within operators. Our extremely experienced trainers who have worked in the industry for many years will use this knowledge to train you to the highest standard.

Dress requirements:

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